Grand Mondial Casino jackpot winner $1,782,390.00 by free spins bonus!

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Grand Mondial Casino jackpot winner story!

A 75-year-old lady, who has been living at a nursing home for the last 5 years, recently fall upon surprising mega fortune and is suddenly getting warmth and love from all of her family.

When Debbie Lewis tragically died 4 years ago, none of her 20 closest family members take care of her in during her final years. They collectively thought it would be a better solution to put her in a retirement home rather than give Debbie a shelter in their houses.

In 2013 Debbie started to complain about her body’s inability to do normal activities and tasks. Being recently widowed she was now dealing with more stress of doing everything all alone.

“Debbie really needed help from her family, to think that loving old lady took very good care of 14 kids and received no help in return is very sad,” said Marie Levy, Debbie’s neighbor friend at the time.

Debbie’s relatives see things in a very different way, saying “she was losing her memory, mind, and others” and “needed professional care 24/7.” Debbie’s youngest son was the only one to visit her during her 5 years at the senior’s house.

But that has all changed now…

For better or worse, that all changed diametrically by 180 degrees one evening at the retirement center. While browsing her social media account online, Debbie bumped into an article about Grand Mondial Casino – a fully licensed Canadian gaming portal offering 150 Free Spins + 100% Welcome Bonus, guaranteed win for new customers on registration.

“I was checking my Facebook account and browsing through pictures of old friends and relatives. That’s when I saw an interesting page that was telling me I could get 150 free spins just for $10 at ‘Grand Mondial Casino‘. I’m not usually one to play casino, but I thought why not to try, what do I have to lose, it’s another sleepless and tenseness night anyway. So I did it, grabbed the 150 free chances but didn’t manage to win anything.”

“I thought of watching TV for all the night, but somehow I got an inside feeling that my luck will get better if I give it another go. So, I deposited $10 to get 150 free spins and I will call it a day after I have used all my free games.”

And then – 4 minutes and 24 spins later – something amazing happened. Popping up across the screen of her old Android mobile the amount of $1,782,390.0 suddenly appeared. Without knowing it at the time, Debbie had just won the progressive Mega Moolah jackpot on Grand Mondial Casino giving her 15x her annual pension in few minutes. Wow!

Grand Mondial Jackpot Winner

The ‘Mega Moolah’ big win that got Debbie the sudden attention of her family.

“A whole bunch of digits just appeared up on my touch screen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many numbers” Debbie laughed. “Seriously though, I didn’t even expect to win a cent, and it’s more money than I ever would’ve dreamt of. I still can not believe it.”

The question arises: what does a 75-year-old woman do on Facebook?

“All us old grandmas and grandpas have been registering on Facebook these days, my caretaker Larry helped me sign-up and I’ve connected to a lot of my old friends,” Debbie says as she twinkles.

In her all life, Debbie has never had as much money, as she does now, and her children are quickly are starting to be interested in their grandmother. All of her children have visited her in the last week, which seems quite tactless to say the least, considering their mother now has over $1,700,000.00 on her bank account.

Jackpot payment

A screen of Debbie’s bank account after getting the jackpot money.

Actually, Debbie no longer wants to belong to her family and wants to give all the money to a foundation for elderly and lonely people when she passes. She doesn’t think her children or other relatives deserve it, especially for people who are materialists.

“Many of us old folks are often neglected and forgotten by others. When I die I hope my money can help bring some joy to other elderly people in situations similar to mine. A gammer like me doesn’t need all this cash and I’m sure can’t take it to another world!”

Debbie’s family don’t comment on it but we can only guess that they are quite regretful of their past behaviour. Let this be a premonitory history for those who have no time and respect for elder people. We can only hope that after reading this story you give your parents or grandparents a ring and let them know how much you appreciate them!

Share this real-life story with others to show genuine concern and love towards family members thanks to whom we are in this world and we are doing well.

UPDATE: Since posting this story we received a lot of messages from our readers to thank us for presenting Grand Mondial Casino‘s 150 free spins bonus promotion. This was not our intention but it seems we made a lot of our loyal members quite rich by doing so and emails are still flowing in every day with nice stories of new happy jackpot winners. May the lady fortune be with you – happy (Micro)Gaming!

Grand Mondial free spins bonus

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